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Snippets 2/6

Huh - not the usual question format I've seen in the game show. If I understand this correctly - first of all, confirmed that the questions and answers are about ingredients; second, I think I caught 瓜 in particular; and third, I think I caught a reference to the percentage of 水 in a 菜. And I think I've lucked out in my study material - applause to the network's choice of two series with 演员 (do I specify using 女演员 or 演员女?) who can pull off serious scenes as well as goofy ones. Gigglesnorting at a chyron that looks like I'm not the only one to use a language barrier as cover. Vocab 日本 and 哥伦比亚 just showed up in the study material, along with similar incidents. 年 '53, '77, '79? Noting study material timestamp 2:00. The clips point towards 乙女 again, but it feels a bit Antipodean in its mythology bent, though not ελληνικά (?). Maybe it's because the 汉字themselves are simpler, but it's a nice surprise to be able to recognize them in a stylized font at speed.

Keywords in the feed encourage me to ask, o zeitgeist, where is your sting? It's like it ran out of material after 吏僭的小女人 and 任人唯亲 didn't pan out, and thereafter had to rely on the dregs of haven't read it. I don't know for sure if these tie more closely to 五毛 (bookmark for a 匹夫 found residing in real estate on the side of the pond opposite 他的国家) or hammerface, but thank you for encouraging a closer look at initiatives that go beyond their hashtags, and all that outshines weak jawlines and receding hairlines. (Huh. I wonder about that fish sauce.) Onwards!

I didn't realize it was such an affront to use ordnance against an unmanned weather balloon. Would 豺狼政权 prefer that this materiel's used against piloted craft instead, using the example of "restraint" they displayed? Also, I doubt referring to similar incidents in a prior administration is the burn some might think it is - it sounds more like using a trigger term that's lost its potency while highlighting more reasons to attach 豺狼 to 政权. Along those lines, I review vocab 日本, still there 微软; adding vocab 哥伦比亚.

Halving a note on jurisdiction, keeping that perhaps fratello finds it similarly freeing to speak on where he is now rather than on a 兄弟 he hasn't been able to reach for - there's likely a better estimate than months.

Adding these articles because if how far will the boredom take the cloning would rather not quote a counterweight, then try The Gray Lady.

Ending with this because crossover.

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