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Snippet 3/21

One might argue that nothing that's happening now is about any one person. Petty cruelties still happen in the shadow of major conflicts (and condolences to this guy, but it reminds me why I'm not on those apps). However, I'd rather keep an eye on those whose actions show them to be more indomitable than any wordsmith on a screen - it's the least I can do until I'm able to do more.

Adding these articles because - speaking of things overshadowed by the larger conflict - busy, fratello?

(Apres avoir lu des nouvelles comme ceux-ci, - what are the repayment terms for a grant? - je suis... pas si heureuse, mais peut-être soulagée, de lire cet article.)

Ending with this because I'm reminded that - ladies, may you use this information more frequently at weddings than on subways.

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