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Snippet 4/1

Counting the days until I can uncover these cloches - used to seeing these in glass or recycled drink bottles, so I wonder if the term can be used with something in the same form (bell-shaped, hence the name) if not the same material. (Here is where plastic and bleach are function over form.)

Quick note because - condolences to those who suffered, but it's sandpaper interesting to think that one would silence oneself for those who write like a chatbot. (And at this point, likely with a chatbot.)

Adding this to celebrate vocab 台湾 - if a bit belated. What reason do I have to do the same for a 豺狼 政权? (Or 微软 when it's still there? Side note - misinterpretations can be easy in a language where 报仇 and 报酬 and 曝丑 are so close.)

Adding this to 看看 progress towards 一百九十八. (Except vocab 欧盟 is a group, so the count's higher- ! - than is shown.)

Penultimate this because all the accolades to her, no matter what name or nature they're from.

Ending with a look ahead, should the herbs need another line of reinforcements.

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