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Snippet 4/12

It's a handy thing to have the means to entertain oneself unbound to a broadcast schedule. I miss my mysteries, but have ample training and study material to fill the time. And I've now cause to anticipate nightshade fruit!

I saw this bit on one channel first, but I'm glad to find the network's broadcast for comparison, and the full interview. I've compiled a list of prominent people (it's like late-night comedy, but funny!) and what they're known for, I've left off the brighter side of that list. (How long has it been since comms in combat?)

The slimness of that silver lining means I seek out more than what 40% feeds, but I see what comes through in their Top tab - with or without the For You label - and so does whoever gets the resulting feedback. (Speaking of, I remind myself of a lesson on screenshots made by the "publicly funded" and how some time ago I marked its broadcasts with 伞 for a reason directly opposite the reason I used the same 汉字 for vocab 香港.)

As individuals and as a collective you made your choices. As I've said before, I accept only what onus is mine - want it or not, that mess be on those who chose him.

And it's a good thing I waited for this update - some 熯炽 裤子 河蟹 decided to mess with one with everything, and the guy who's smeared is the one apologizing? How is that right? (Y'all pinks chose that 河蟹 mess too, by the way.)

Reverting the position of this experiment I'm using on the nightshades.

Considering the circumstances, ending with this because it looks like I've got another set of immortals here!

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