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Snippet 4/14

All right, ye wee besoms - let's see what comes up in a more controlled seed-starting environment. Butternuts are in, and I'm thinking the root veg next. And finally! Appropriate background noise for Shady Pines. How did he not break anything on those stairs? (Yeesh, the moment one realizes that statement applies equally to the movie character and the actual politician I'm referring to.)

Oh dear, is it not good to keep a tally of the choices of those who still try to pass the buck, or of those who are still willing to sweep such passes under the rug? Or maybe it's not a good thing to point out that mentions of agreement with a particular set of stances are tied to a human trafficker and his jaw-hammer ilk? Which is it? Because I'm thinking the levels of approval and respect are rather mutual here. (Shoutout to the TL;DR who trawled for keywords to pad a mass e-mail rather than actually reading about purses. Twice.)

I'll take a shot at the latter set of levels and leave off the screenshot of the recommended articles that follow this bit of coverage, but I have to wonder if the convention might force the party in question to face conditions in one of the cities it heads. That, I'd say, would be good. (And it's a good thing I took the screenshot too, as the recommendations have changed since.)

Adding this for vocab 西藏.

Adding this to wonder what exactly this kid was looking to achieve; that level of critical thinking rather got him the opposite, I'd say. (Way to go, jaw-hammer.)

Adding a note to bookmark a Dutch boy. Y'know, I'll go with names - Joost Merloo - if I'm to add him to the reading list.

If the woman's family really is that distant, then might I suggest any proceeds from the lawsuit go here instead?

Adding this for progress to 50!

Ending with this because the train of thought here is all about soup.

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