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Snippet 4/20

I'm wondering if there's a way to encourage faster growth on some of these seedlings. Heating pad underneath? If I understand some earlier reading correctly (have to confirm this memory - confirmed), fertilizer plus insufficient lighting might encourage legginess, hence the use of fans to encourage stronger root development.

Well, if it isn't the consequence of your own population control policies...

Considering the consequences manifested by the political choices I expect this florist made, I might say something similar for those who could consider including conservatives and independents in with specific political parties.

Adding this because even allowing for some benefit of the doubt, that this is a network inclined to oppose the parentheses of the senator in question, doesn't change that by the end of the clip, the slurring of his speech is evident (AGAIN), and the term "choppy" is accurate. Wonder if the "fringy fringe" body double might have done better. (You chose this. You don't get to blame anyone else for your choice.)

Keeping in mind a note on headbands.

And just for fun, some news on Meph.

Adding this for the feels.

In honor of the day, please do puff puff pass. The results of such self-medication methods can be entertaining and gratifying, if slightly sandpaper, especially for those who refused such choices.

Ending with this because guess what's joining the chives and peppers!

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