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Snippet 4/6

It's an entertaining dilemma to wonder if I have enough pots. Now to see if I can foil the chipmunks. (Seriously, little one, the garlic roots will taste exactly the same no matter how often you dig them up.)

I wonder what the deal is with 啊 as a prefix versus 儿 as a suffix in nicknames. It doesn't look to be strictly male or female, since I've come across female characters addressed with a nickname containing 儿.

Excuse me - who exactly surrendered to 豺狼, Shady Pines?

Adding this because I wonder where I saw this bit of news - what, a few months ago? Because it wasn't the network in the link.

Adding the following because it's only right to reserve a certain level of respect for politicians so publicly abrasive.

Adding this to note my estimate that the conservative parents who were not informed in advance of study material containing classical nude sculptures thought they were protesting against something else. Also to laugh at preconceptions, as well as projection from bastions of the easily offended slacktivists against cultural appropriation who harbored racial pretenders in higher ed, organizations that buy vanity properties with donation money, and a Shady Pines politician entirely unfit for office.

(This feels, even to me, like making much of a puny point of contention; however, from what I'm reading in a case involving an ousted politician's girl troubles - no, not 匹夫 吏僭 - it's another instance of The Junction showing characteristics they themselves are accused of in an easily targeted example from their ideological opponents. In the face of such repetition, in individual and across multiple issues and publications, silence is complicity. And nice try, 微软 - found the 汉字 anyway.)

Penultimate this because my cabbage has taken considerably longer than a week, but it's starting to sprout new leaves. I may be impatient for rootlets here, but I think they're on their way. There. (Adding this to encourage growth.)

Ending with this because it might be a way to foil the chipmunks.

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