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(Better make that) Compilation 5/22

It's both satisfying and oddly sad to get seedlings in the ground. I miss watching Weeping-Angels-but-happier growth indoors, but watching them bulk up outdoors is a cheery thing to see.

I don't even have to go as far back as stalling trade negotiations - there's recent enough coverage on stalled construction projects, destabilizing debt, tracking journalists, and muzzling entertainers to point out that not only 中国 的 豺狼 政权 是 "issues back home" on a global scale, 中国 的 豺狼 政权 有 "issues back home" 在家.

And how long has this been going on, channels using the same 中国 的 乙女 clips under different titles depending on what SEOs are trending? Condolences to the 桃头 from earlier; such channels deserve the term more than she did. (Too bad she had to die for me to learn that term, which I attribute to the continuation of red banner hill. Silly me for thinking education was important to you.)

Adding this correction: a military exercise that's been happening regularly rather than a reflection of financial collapse.

Adding this for vocab 巴布亚纽几内亚.

Adding these articles here because only two pleas for funding in a day rather than five this time! Mass mailer, I'd like more than the "optimism" where the corners of one's mouth are stapled to one's ears, considering the numbers and the optics. Wonder how many babysitters there are now.

Adding this as well because, babysitter, he contradicted himself on policy before the stroke in question and insisted that his current position was his only position after that stroke. The person in that post now using tech to process speech is the same one who made those contradictions; in addition, its use slows him down in a job where one speaks with a timer.

Adding this for Finger-The-Mirror, and this for stoves I like.

Ending with this because dishes.

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