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Snippetish 1/14

I tend to attach new information to that I've already stored, including videos created before the content maker got formulaic, so I wonder to what I can attach study material news features today. At the moment, they show front and center a luxury vehicle, with all its bells and whistles, in the middle of something argumentative that looks like a court case, footage of some guy in a building lobby, and a photo lineup. Bribery? And am I catching 红包 correctly, especially in calendar context? (Yep. Repetition and context help where 汉字 recognition doesn't.) Grammar question review - "什么" 在 哪里? 什么 豺狼 政权 的 国人 没有? 豺狼 政权 的 国人 什么 没有? I think it's this: 豺狼 政权 的 国人 没有 什么? but caveat that context and wordplay might shift its placement. Bah, lookalike flight attendants - it's not river orchid dude.

Wondering about 豺狼 peacekeepers in the other-than-diplomatic vid earlier and guessing 豺狼政权 considered assigning people to those posts was enough for its image, then chose inaction based on the precedent of other countries doing the same; duty done, so why would 豺狼 do more for 黑人 on another continent when no one else did?

Adding this for давай, and for a look at how caltrops have changed. (Tangent - somebody want an icepack for that headache from all the screenshots in the feedback?)

Adding this for vocab 日本, 俄罗斯 - どうして, брат, 双子が必要ですか?

Adding this to ask where the count's at now - one, two, three (face the music), four? (There was an interview - not this one, but I think it's the same 伞 network - that mentioned this incident with the documents is something along the lines of 'the worst of his tenure.' Considering how this concealment is being minimized, how can one say both 'it's not that bad' versus 'it's the worst?' And how in the world is now-it's-four worse than bailing? Or is the speaker categorizing domestic and foreign policy steamers separately?)

Adding this for expectations.

Ending with this for fun.

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