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Snippetish 12/23

That's three now in which years of in-series time doesn't show on the women, and the only progression of age on a man's face is the addition of facial hair. (Dude, that's peach fuzz on some of these wee ones. ...Belated warning of sweariness. And shave, you hamster.) Speaking of kids, I know it isn't real, but still rooting for a fictional character who represents part of the history of a 豺狼 政权. (One 邻国.) Also, vocab 缅甸. Apparently, it's 海兰察 - what, a river orchid version of this?

Adding this to ask - 为什么, 两个书吗?

Adding this to say no, that's a feather in the old woman's cap. And because you lot are faltering more toward one side than another, here's more information on the rewrite.

Adding this to showcase the lighter side of some poisonous priorities (cough-feather-cough).

Pairing these two to wonder if the czar's off for the holidays. (Boo-hoo.)

Adding this because Dorian can't use her own religion or, as it happens, someone else's. (Adding for roast in the feed.)

Adding this not for pay-to-pray, but as a reminder of better.

Adding these because it's rather easy to compare and connect instances over time and on record (not strictly nepo baby, the second set, but the slap on the wrist fits) especially when y'all can handle the "diminish and denigrate" where there are few to no consequences otherwise for those involved.

Ending with this to balance savory with sweet in the soothing-as-kittens pile. (ドイツ語 - 德语 in the mirror.)

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