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Snippets 1/11

News has on aerial photographs of - ah. I thought it was something else considering the presence of 火 in the captions, but it's more about travel restrictions. (Correction - the photos on the news match the aerials here, and I'd just happened to catch the shift between topics. Right the first time, hoping it ties into 能 and 可以.) Huh. Considering my use of 老 below (let me count the ways), context determines the tone of 老三 and 老六. Snicker at 三杯 versus 三碗 - 他 不 知道 干燥 一月.

Adding this as a reminder of 匹夫.

Adding this for vocab 越南, and reviewing this for vocab 日本, 英国. (Also this for vocab 美国. And this for still there, 微软 and 酒肉朋友.)

Adding these three reminders on cuts. If this (huh, turns out the 汉字 for it is 凌遲) is how the specific media setup in question is doing (over years), I wonder if its clones fare any differently?

Adding this to laugh even as I wonder who's blaming whom for someone else's mistaken assumption.

Adding these articles because it looks to me like the treatment of the same crime is different based on the number of documents taken, not on whether any of the documents were 老's to take in the first place. (Still odd to use one character for a hyperlink - I've had to right-click it rather than treat it as a regular link. Agh, moving it.) Adding this to say, don't pretend the waffling on this pile of documents, and the way that pile was returned, isn't motivated by the outcry on the previous pile. Here's another difference - centralized location versus multiple storage sites.

Acknowledging, but not linking to, articles about fratello's letter. (Is there such a word as ponticlast?)

Adding this handy-dandy list.

Ending with this because they're delicious boiled, but for 12 hours?

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