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Snippets 1/18

Dang, I have got to take a closer look at No-Angel-Shot's shoes. And I have a new reason for my usual stance on no facial hair. Huh. Videos that show me I was right on that angle, even when I didn't think so at the time.

Adding this because no, it isn't; and the onus to remedy that is on who now? Sundowner whose words directly contradict prior events? Lotus whose coverage gives an impression of being less than serious about the border to which she was assigned? I'm acknowledging efforts in tech, but I'm glad others have an eye on those who say the same lines in a softer voice.

Adding this because several 'conspiracy theories' thus far turned out to have surprising substance, so I wonder at their reason for cheering. Even in one publication, two headlines show different presentations regarding initiatives begun under one administration that I'm guessing are easier to implement now that there's a more malleable pile of politicians faced with a more visible 豺狼, for all that the 政权's shifting its tone. One does not expect apologies from those who seek to escape accountability for what they did to obtain posts for which they're ill suited, or from those who continue to gaslight on behalf of the people in those posts.

Adding this for the video - separating it and queuing it up to Cable Opinion Network's words (to 1:15), not mine, on stoves. (Moving it here for the literal gaslight.)

Adding this to wonder at the zeitgeist in the feed, specifically keywords on veganism around the same time as coverage showing that the crops to sustain such a diet are coming under strain.

Adding this to cheer the count!

Ending with this because I wonder if these scientists have information on which 'landing lights' reduce search time the most. Existing methods of plant crossbreeding could steer flower patterns to those 'lights' from there, couldn't they, through non-CRISPR means?

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