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Snippets 1/19

I don't think the newscasters are switching from one dialect to another, but I wonder if I'm listening to different accents; it may be the effect of going from a broadcast whose dialogue goes with traditional text but uses simplified captions to one that uses traditional captions but speaks the dialect tied to simplified. And why is 川 translated as "river" in one set of study material, but as "state" in another? Boundaries? Hang on - a 写真 taken in 台湾 based on an 乙女? More certain now about 能 = can (able to). Sometimes, a moment's doubt is what one needs to cement one's certainty.

I'd like to ask, are you serious? No, really, are you serious? You signed up for these political posts; how does what you did during your campaign compare with what you're doing now?

Adding these to look at timelines - what, no photo the second time around? - and wonder what's been added to the meme sweatshops' archives since early last year.

Adding this for vocab 伊朗. (If I've used it before, I've used it infrequently, and I want these terms to stick.)

Adding this for vocab 英国.

Adding this to cheer the count!

Ending with this because another article about the same footage had compiled responses to the footage, including a comment on man's laughter. (Replacing a red reference with straight up d'aww.) Also, if one seeks to weaponize a broom, try this.

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