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Snippets 1/21

Maybe it's just because of the topics I'm reading, but demographics tie into the study material I'm using, and not only in that court intrigue and regional politics rely on the raising of 孩子 to the age where 女儿 (公主) can marry the heir to an ally state or 儿子 (王子 - terms vary more here than with the counterpart within series dialogue; historically as well?) can join the military or administration. (I'm thinking both for the 男人, though I don't know if that's historically accurate or if there was a context-dependent division of duties there; say, for a leg injury common to the same character in two fictional depictions of the same person.) Three so far with ties to recorded history and one that feels slightly more fairytale-ish; not enough information for three that are entirely more fairytale-ish.

And why, 微软, do I have to type out fumuern to get 父母儿女 in order to use 女 rather than 奴 or 怒? Emphasizing once again that it's not fumuernu, which results in 父母而怒. Silver lining: I don't have to switch IMEs for a 漢字 anymore; now I just have to figure out what other commonly-used 汉字 are treated likewise. (It's funny what one finds when doing one's own research.)

Huh. On record are instances of access to journalists' information; now, it's manipulation of virality and view counts? Seriously, how many reasons to up the count do you lot need? (Specifically, it's funny to see so many caught out using bad information, watching the numbers drain - adding a more recent find - and reading in the keywords that the worst they can use is somebody's training montage. Would you like more screenshots, 40%, or are you busy?)

Adding this because once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and four is not a robe. (You again. Funny, that.) Huh - how many is this new development, or is the article just restating an earlier find? Ah, thanks - now it's five.

Adding this for empathy.

Ending with this because if I've got the dessert name right, it's the term I keep switching around with kataifi.

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