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Snippets 1/24

I caught the tail end of news broadcast study material with 北韩 and 日本 that's now segued into some show with a really spooky opening. 这是什么? Something to do with camping, that much is clear; fun Halloween spooky or what-the-sweatshirt spooky? Oh, OK, just a separate segment - they've just acknowledged 猫的年 (对吗?).

Adding this for vocab 赞比亚; and this for vocab 所罗门. (Let-me-count-the-ways has two entries for the islands; there's a reason I've chosen this variant.)

Moving this replacement for the timestamp - the question of who messed up, and who has to deal with the fallout. Bonus question: who set the standards in the first place? Thank you for reminding me to only accept that which is mine. Screenshots continue!

Moving this too, for the time stamp as well as to (not two, and yet in another sense also two) note the priorities, apparently.

Penultimate because am I supposed to feel anything for this はげ? Besides, human trafficker, you fit right in.

Ending with this because d'aww. (Not cannon.)

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