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Snippets 1/27

Huh - I really like that setup with the orchids and the reed room dividers. It's a stark contrast between two conference rooms (and therefore an implication of the interactions within two different companies), 医院 versus 家. I'm not sure how those companies are tied, though 家 = dude that looks like river orchid and 医院 = 匹夫 versus 砖小姐. Tangent - the reason I count the ways with the dictionaries I use is because they make clear the meaning of the terms and concepts they show. I hold in no such regard anything that does the opposite.

(Adding this for vocab 北韩, 俄国; and considering who they're tied to, I view any "charm offensive" as just that.)

From the dregs of another social experiment comes this link to an article whose writer supplied a kindness in blotting out social media handles on the screenshots. They're reminders of a site I used to visit, and an interaction with one of its other users - one might have deleted certain material because it was offensive, thereby ensuring the obscurity of the sender's offense, while another might copy and paste such material into a forum attached to the private message system through which the material was originally sent. (That's a digression - and I should add if that person didn't stop that behavior, at least it stopped with me. This, not so much digressing - and in here I hear echoes of that person, doubling down instead.)

If erasing screennames are the only edit for the image in the article above (make it easier here), I'm adding two things: 1) if the posts shown are another example of material used to feed into how "our algorithms evaluate millions of articles, signals and human interactions to deliver the top 0.01% of stories that matter most, right now," it's reassuring to catch a glimpse of the 'disgracefully' equine - there's a PM's word cloud that comes to mind; 2) though I expect any profile pics, if real, will have been edited at this point, the writer couldn't do much for the faces shown, especially considering the text attached to them. (In an attempt to match such language: this is soooo pink fr.) Oh, and this link for difficult, not impossible.

(Adding this for legislation that addresses the ties between platforms and publishers.)

Adding this for a fratello whose efforts, while tied to efforts to reduce harm, nevertheless enables those more likely to - eh, what more can I say when he knows he's got two letters and a pile of adherents to multiple religions who are either busily bleaching in the sun or filtering someone else's proteins; let him speak for those of an ideology who've played that fork and torch routine on his own so he can in some way make up for complicit silence.

Adding these articles because speaking of complicit silence, my, does Shady Pines enjoy that phrase.

Adding these articles to compare - if I understand this correctly, and acknowledging the demographic study, Not-On-My-List-But-Fits decided that inclusiveness means "all means all?" Has there been a demographic study of that sport's audience? Are agencies allowed to send their people to that fair, audience or not? Would the restrictions posted apply to those agencies' choices?

Ending with this to highlight #5.

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