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Snippets 2/27

The thing with a steady diet of 乙女 in one language is that it inures one to similar stereotypical storylines in another. (Sigh... yes, I'm still mush at this study material - it's just that the line between mush and captions is clearer now, making the information easier to grasp.) And why do I have the odd feeling that 桃子 - yep, it's a pattern.

If I had to do something different about the experiment, it would be to clear out the growth plate on the alliums before starting them in water, to make it easier for the rootlets.

Quick 看看 at 豺狼 敢哭吗? and 一百九十八? However, progress nevertheless.

Another 看看 at material on Sundowner and company. I'm glad to see how such material abounds, including in places I didn't think it would, even if it takes floodlights to make it so.

And another 看看 at one of the myriad reasons for my skepticism on places in which I didn't think material would abound, specifically regarding information withheld and delayed.

Did I add vocab 德国 earlier? If not - there, fixed.

Adding these to acknowledge keywords - going under the knife changes the outside, while the inside remains the same. (That bit on the finance ministry? The radio's unexpectedly handy.) To clarify: with numbers like those, Sundowner's lucky to be a middler, which doesn't say much for et al / and company; though I suppose it's something over 豺狼 政权 的 头 - 熊兄弟 不在 那 里.

Ending with this because experiments, too, abound. (Not to, not two.)

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