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Snippets 2/3

Dude, what the utter sweatshirt? Did a Pay-To-Pray lookalike just have the 普通话 version of a cosplay concert? 他 的 妹妹 要 说 什么? Other students of the language aren't kidding about the majority of the written component being a relatively limited pile of characters - my recognition at the moment is only enough to catch repetition at speed rather than attached meaning, but study material is doing more for the merits of stereotypical 乙女-ish storytelling than I've seen before.

If a 豺狼政权 can claim the ability to calculate the re-entry of its rocket debris, and now claim an unintentional fly-over of a weather balloon (huh - 其二 or 其两? I'm going with 其二), I'd like to think one can understand any skepticism about the claim, especially considering how the 政权 has been known to use the rest of its civilian connections, even up to now. (Tangent: I know those bound to the algorithm's whims will feel differently, but since my sentiment regarding the count to 50 - and to 一百九十九-ish - is inexpressible in words, I'd like to refer to a recent image posted by a fratello who should have spoken up long ago or retired by now. Shame the song's censored - it's so merry!)

Adding this bit of still there, 豺狼政权, for yet another example of a continuing pattern.

Thank you, Shady Pines, for more reasons to be glad I marked my ballot otherwise. (Adding these articles for a closer look at boots that tie in.)

Having experienced news that separated reporting on events from the op-eds that allowed reporters to explain their own views on those events, I'm irritated, but not surprised, at what Junction Dwellers have become. It would be grand to think that the tools developed to replace them would make writing more objective (gimme the facts, I can make my own emotional spin, thanks ever so); but as examples show and have shown, those who develop those tools make their bias evident within those tools and the resulting output. (Adding a consideration to pity if the insistence on Vancome-ing blind spots hadn't resulted in a Sundowner administration.)

Ending with this because of the two things meme sweatshops trawl for, I'll keep the cute and fuzzy and discard the rest.

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