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Snippets 2/4

Block Island 在 哪里? (Ah. And do I add a space to emphasize "what place?" or keep the 汉字 together to keep the meaning "where?" or do the spaces matter in this sort of context? And I'm still not sure when to use 哪里 as opposed to 哪儿, or if they're interchangable.) More importantly - 豺狼 政权, 他 的 父亲 在 哪里? Uh. Yikes. The spots on the 拉面 aren't flour. Oof - AI can already handle 美术 and 写作; 音乐 as well? Where can 占星家 turn to for a side hustle now?

Run that "has always strictly abided by international law" by me again? Despite my disbelief of 老豺狼's statement, I do, however, agree on the 'avoidance of misjudgments' bit, so information gathering would be a great thing. Since it's a balloon, I'm guessing it moves enough unlike a propelled craft that its movements can be anticipated more easily. Can it be shot and safely caught?

And thanks to the numbers in here for another example of how The Junction is devoted to covering up information that distorts to the benefit of its own ideals, then scapegoats the distortion onto others. Congratulations on the win that consists of putting a cowardly old man (oh yay, I can go back to saying just plain old Shady Pines instead!) in a political office too heavy for him and tanking numbers in the process. Was it worth the gamble?

Adding these articles for the count to 50 and - might I consider the possibility of store pulls another step to 一百九十九?

Ending with this because kitty.

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