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Snippets 2/8

Drat, I missed the lyrics and I haven't memorized the airtimes! 东山 在 哪里? D'aww, 蜘蛛! 台湾中心是什么?

I hope it's understood that I am more inclined to be grateful to those who keep eyes on the record when I myself am elsewhere than I am to those who took positions through deception, hold them using bluster, and have the cojones to even consider this sort of output anything resembling good. I will accept that which has been done to benefit the constituents they should have been working for no matter who was in office, and keep the memory of the politicking that got in the way of what needed to be done until faced with circumstances that demanded action. (You played with influence up to the time when world events have a literal gun to your head. May your days in office be few.)

Adding these articles as a much-needed reminder.

Adding this because A) Meph keywords on repeat can be a fascinating muse; B) it's interesting to see what results when using the wrong term in my search (you're not sure?) ; and C) I'm wondering where the echoes are now (bookmark for tech worker either in a camp or under a bridge). What can I say? I like documentaries, and the streetlights were golden in that night on the screen.

Ending with this because cat chat.

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