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Snippets 5/23

The ginger's getting surprisingly tall, which reminds me that I have reasonably easy access to fresh turmeric. I'd have to find more pots for them if I do decide to experiment, but it just might be worth the looking for.

I find myself considering that 怒吏僭 has some basis for doubting the sincerity of a Shady Pines POTUS and a party that's susceptible to (should I say alleged?) coercion and bribery in multiple forms (wondering which one fits 奴吏僭); as much, perhaps, as 怒吏僭's contemporaries might doubt the sincerity of a 豺狼 政权 that prioritizes its military this much and prioritizes transparency this much. (Dude, unexpectedly entertaining find. Beh-heh.)

Oh, is that how he thinks? Alrighty then, call him a murderer.

Dude, this sounds entirely like the radio mention of people as pets!

Ending with this because curious just met hungry.

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