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My favorite superhero forever has a movie to match, and is known for having among his nemeses a clown who wanted to watch the world burn.

Policies being pushed forward include those that address environmental concerns - in the effort to prevent such destruction on one side of the Ring, these policies supply a 政权 which has no such qualms (and now, fewer fish).

And apparently, it's a better thing to comply when asked to pose in order to "inspire the base" (word games yay) rather than when elected to govern (let me count the yeas).

Adding these articles and wondering who was assigned to find solutions to this issue in the first place.

Need a sponge for the face paint or will a squeaky nose do?

Ran across this in my search for another article - contrasting earlier claims from брат and 兄弟. (粘连 豺狼.)

Ending with this for its rarity in the feed.

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