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So that's an object, not a name?

For the next bit of study material. (Start at 2:00.) The broadcast continues for the first series I got hooked on, but I've reached something of a cliffhanger with the feed. Why was one set of exposition translated and not the other? I caught 年 and 太后 at speed, but not enough to piece together the ever after after yet more pointy ends into the other guys. (Oh, good, I have been using 说 correctly at volume.)

DANG, THE BRACELETS! Is there such a thing as a reverse spoiler effect? Learning this information backwards hits differently. This study material answers a question that I couldn't account for until later in the other, that of tracing its timeline (fictionalized history à la Western queens or fiction in history à la mini-henge time travel). So that's a 叩首. Yeesh, and I thought meme sweatshop compilations were petty. I think I understand the reason for differentiation in 汉字 for relatives on mothers' and fathers' sides.

Also, turns out it's both object and name.

Not a fan of muzzles, so I'm quite interested to watch the various arenas in which Sundowner's being held accountable, even among those who won't. (Would the Junction Dweller like to rephrase? Linking this in case anything becomes unavailable and because it's got more closely tied articles. See if this helps, JD.)

Adding this because it had me at ”conspicuous silence“ (linking a finance article - there's that "complicity" again - for those less likely to read the first) and collecting a few articles that examine why the "second-biggest donor" had an impact that was "massively overstated." My condolences to those facing this fallout.

Adding this as a reminder that a wheelchair doesn't get in the way of one's auditory processing, and is not a shield against questioning, softball or otherwise. (Oh look, another blue check! Almost tempted to log back in and snag one for myself.)

Adding this because I wonder if I should alternate upper- and lowercase letters in "according to our knowledge."

Adding this to wonder about vocab 北韩 (recognized in captions at speed boo-yeah!) - I thought smugglers were part of the economy there, such as it is? (Yes, yes, and yes.)

Adding this for vocab 泰国 - glad to run into these arguments for blue check usage, and these prompts to seek context. (Sure that's 'mile' or 'mill?')

Penultimate this because how'd he get there in the first place?

Ending with this because it ties into a couple of inventors from earlier, two who used clear floating domes to collect freshwater from seawater - same idea submerged, looks like.

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