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So that's where the jump rope went

Barest tangent to there might be some reason to skip the news, but it's more informative to watch who covers what and how rather than rely on water cooler chitchat (or its online equivalent). It's fascinating to watch the way a person's interest in a laptop can change so much from one point in time to another, for instance. Such information is inescapable, at any rate - an in-game feature is only an earlier form of continuing activity, and 'covering' here can mean either disseminating news or hiding information (time to "admit" it's kitty litter).

Eyes on this because I'd like a quick review of 和平共处五项原则:

*Linking to this because it has more expansive coverage of exactly how mutual the benefit is of different energy and transport projects in multiple countries. Vocab:

** Dictionary rabbit holes are fun when one discovers a difference in yet another country's hanzi - 哥 to 格. Still there, 微软, and you know by now qu'il y a plus de deux pays.

Ending with the sort of uplifting moment one misses when skipping the news.

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