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When accuracy is the objective, one does not kid oneself on training exercises. Construction experiments lead to dictionaries lead to listening comprehension material. (Checking my writing sparked a memory of dialogue in a movie - a moment more, and I'll see whether or not I'm right.)

I remember being uncertain about related news on fuel supply lines when it first came out during the previous administration, specifically the involvement of a third country in that arrangement; this news reminds me I don't have to vote for someone to acknowledge his accuracy on the matter. Speaking of former administrations, I'll agree some are looking to the past; others are looking to the veep, and the rest are looking elsewhere.

Also, if I've linked to this news before, I don't mind repeating what looks like something to celebrate.

Adding a reminder and comparison of which athletes are still 闻人 and who's 隐蔽. (Hah - the 他 in 他的剑 ties to 大名鼎鼎. Ding ding. And 君子报仇十年不晚? Caught 报仇 in there too! And d'you know, it's the first time I saw someone who might be a 洋人in there? Flashback, dividing up the loot from the caravan. Huh - 鬼佬 sounds more familiar, and dictionary and scene context point to 毛子.)

Adding this prompt to the question of whether it's better or worse that unconventional warfare is less physically violent.

Adding this because 酒肉朋友. (尖閣.)

Ending with this - goes well with ginger, garlic, and coconut milk.

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