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Springform pan?

It's official - period dramas for study material. What I just watched so far has more to its credit as a learning aid than having one character speaking at a time; formal speech is at a far more measured pace, and the captions follow suit. Still wonder if there's a gap for hands in those dancers' sleeves.

It's a fair point for a 豺狼政权 to claim that these poll numbers don't reflect other places where their 金融家 have had an effect (and 金融家 is the correct term, looking at the 9-to-1 aid-to-debt comparison). I wonder what videos those financed may have seen, and if any of their relatives overseas carry news back home. Or, if this is accurate, will carry.

Adding this because why are there so few countries from that region mentioned, and only on the issue of human rights, and why is there no information from certain years?

Thank you, Lotus, for stating the obvious - many people would be much obliged if that "ironclad" can do better than 香港. Still not my vote though.

On the subject of voting, acknowledging with condolences yet another senior moment. How is this defensible, and can this be categorized as water or air?

Huh. Why is this existential crisis a 404?

Ending with this because tea.

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