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Sprouts 4/25

Yep, that's four harvests from one grocery run - time for another one? And it's amazing how radishes can jump to terminal bud experiments in the space of a video. (One's worrying me, but two are still fighting.) Have to mention the peppers and anise as well - none of the anise have kept their seed coats so far, and many of the peppers still have theirs on well after sprouting; also, while both are elongated, anise seed leaves have rounded tips where the peppers' are pointed.

The counterargument here is, if I understand it correctly, that the barrier to research is within the very organization that's meant to find pandemic 国家, where the funds from one country are used by that organization to directly counter, if not endanger, that same country.

Adding this snapshot of the number of views on the same channel at the same point in time.

Adding these articles in acknowledgement of a 匹夫不师父 screenshot.

Adding this for the absolutely utterly blatant, and not just at 27:04-ish. (Noting that if nepotism isn't a major scandal, then he's a hypocrite for any criticism of such in the prior administration or an idiot for allowing party loyalty to blind him to involvement with a 豺狼 政权. According to this, looks like he's fine with nepotism:

"Since some 'powerhouse families' regularly produce successful members, 'we should be grateful that in each field of endeavor there are certain families that are breeding grounds for achievement. … I bet you can trace ways your grandparents helped shape your career.'"

Though I do wonder how exactly Puff-Don't-Pass is any form of powerhouse.)

Adding this to respond to a fundraising push - finish your hatchet job at the end of this term. Democracy. Not you.

Adding this snapshot to keep eyes on 豺狼 政权五毛. 中国 的 豺狼 政权 是 人人 的 仇敌. Thank you for the study material and the opportunity for a sentence construction exercise. To every 日本語 teacher I've ever had, 謹んで御礼申し上げます. And to all my dictionaries, I shall eternally count the ways.

Adding this to ask how, then, should those ties be viewed - through trade disputes, energy disputes, national security disputes, or what? Because one is hard pressed to believe that 中国 的 豺狼 政权 is anything but a facilitator to 俄罗斯 in the 乌克兰 situation, and that the 豺狼 政权 develops anything that isn't at the expense of the other side of the table.

One can use humans as guinea pigs for salads and sandwiches. One might also use humans as guinea pigs for genetic experimentation or as bags of spare parts. Considering that among all else I've named above, who's the villain here? Or maybe I should have kept to the topic of chip technology rather than the question of overall predatory villainy.

Adding this because of a memory about other audience responses to the interrogation, specifically those to comments on eye tracking (now I want pizza) - good to know there is someone who understands more about how these cogs work than might be expected from a government official.

Adding this to note, if it's a play for sympathy or kindness, Don might have better luck in card games and star charts. (Aside - one can train astrologers to a pattern. Fetch.) To clarify - your political views distorted, if not concealed, information, the act of which resulted in a corrupt and inept politician holding the position he does now. Apart from holding you accountable for your gender-based ideals as it affects your contemporaries, allowing the knowledge of that distortion and concealment to fade would be a disservice to those who follow.

Penultimate these two because: 1) simplify the add-ins to peppers and garlic, then strain and dilute it with water and soap for a spray that repels crop pests (chipmunks yes, aphids maybe - still testing); 2) aphids.

Ending with this because homonyms are fun, captioner.

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