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There's one advantage to taking some time to watch these goings-on. Over the past few days, there have been steady setbacks as to votes on cutting down what looks like quite a sizable budget despite assertions that it would be completed by a certain time. There also has been a steady flow of e-mails requesting donations for a shortfall in grass-roots fundraising. (Would it be a presumption to copy and paste the text?)

If the party in question is trying to portray a steadfast image, I'd suggest having a technician check out those optics.

There's also this belated bit of vocab to add - how to smile at a 豺狼. (Testing myself, so any errors here are on me - j'espère que vous changerais votre avis, mais je sais que ce choix est a vous.)

Ending with these articles because a bit of cheer at this altitude's a good thing.

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