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Sticks and stones? I wanna play too.

I don't understand the furor over guys in skirts when kilts are a thing. (The frilly bits on the modern examples will always be a bit odd to me, but that's beside the point.) It's a relatively meaningless issue that shows what people still haven't learned about clothing - it doesn't matter what overpriced merchandise one uses to become a billboard (relevant dead comedian is relevant) when one's mistreatment of one's fellows shows up on the news and social media, so enough with the clothes-bashing when there are more significant issues at which to target one's ire. (TL; DR - a donkey in designer clothes is still a donkey.)

Then again, I'm the wrong person to advocate for fashion on anyone's list, so y'all have fun fundraising.

On to the rest of today's mix.

- So this isn't a question of insufficient resources, but a question of suppressing news that weakens the network's preferred candidate? (Again, that is.)

- How quickly folk seek out the dissenter in this piece, where existence on a spectrum is just another way to twist the words apart from their meaning.

- Thought the politician in a cassock might consider this.

- Who's finding this out? Because whoever's supposed to might not.

- Hey, wouldn't it be funny if the 掠夺者 fund foreign flicks as a form of R&D?

- I'll grant that it's harsh to paint all citizens with the mess that any regional power undertakes while in power, even in a country that's existed long enough to engage in that mess multiple times over the course of its own history. (What I recall learning about the Mandate of Heaven was that power was a cyclical thing [depose corruption, receive the mandate and rise; become corrupt, lose the mandate and be deposed]. For a place that's existed so long, I think it's safe to say that such a mess has happened several cycles over. Sinologists?)

Anyway, I was looking for "brat" in relation to this, but I was surprised to see the dictionary results included 兔崽子. Why? Bunnies are cute, 掠夺者 politicians who've dropped their sense of (and?) diplomacy aren't. I wonder if it's something to do with the animal's much-touted fertility. Since y'all have so much fun with animal names. (By the way, still there, 微软.) And maybe I should change 掠夺者 to 敌害 instead, considering the context. (I wonder if something similar is what's meant by the use of the word "spectrum.")

- Heh. Those who would seek majority control over their common home "face an uphill struggle" because of droughts they caused downstream. Way to go, 敌害.

- And lastly, I'll allow for recent efforts to give that high score something that resembles meaning; nevertheless, this piece of news is gratifying enough to end on. Hang on - this one's better!

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