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Still a one-issue party

Talking heads once again show themselves as dangerously out of touch if they think they're the only ones voting against rather than for. Such people must be well deep in the sand if casting aspersions about racism is what they think it takes to earn the votes of those who lived through and left behind the policies one party wants to enact, or those who see their own people receiving little in return for their vote, those who are more able than these notables to speak about the issues affecting their own communities.

I'm sure talking heads don't mean to sound racist themselves, but perhaps they should consider fixing the toilet spew of reducing people's voting motivations to the color of their skin. (On the subject of how to fix that, I'm glad to see this recommendation made to an exemplar of the party I voted against. Also, in response to the last portion of that article, I'd also like to point to this one, especially that bit in the second half regarding people committing crimes against their own.)

The energy spoken of in this article supported policies that lost the rest of the vote, which sounds to me like jet fuel doesn't help when the jet's aimed at a cliff. Did memers miss the part in here where it mentions how corporate taxes can be passed down to consumers? Recalling that thing about the trade war, about how tariffs on imported goods result in higher consumer costs, how could anyone possibly assume that corporations wouldn't pull the same trick with another sort of tax burden from their own government? Is this an example of wilful ignorance or - what was that term? Performative stupidity? (Tangent on corporations - still there, 微软.)

And I can't believe the one candidate I saw on that side who actually ran with a more-than-platitudes policy proposal got any blowback at all for asking why people thought his party didn't deserve the vote (for the most part, they don't) instead of having a conniption because the party didn't get it (because they don't). However, since skin tone seems to be a greater concern, I should point out that this is another non-white candidate who was passed over by his party, only he didn't benefit from the buyer's remorse that enabled the Lotus end-run to POTUS option.

If anyone deserves an apology, it's these people, not the talking heads who continue to discard the people they claim to support. (You can head back behind those gates now.)

Addendum: "baseless" doesn't fit a situation that involves a 6,000-vote miscount in one county, with 47 other counties using the same software. And a recount in one state, and 21,000 dead people still registered to vote in a second.

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