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Still feeding 和谐?

Since explosions are still loud, starting with a digression into some interesting change in vocab - are other citizens likewise allowed to speak more freely on the issue now, or is this 和谐 still an issue? (Huh. Interesting Conversations in this link. Also, 河蟹 hungry.)

A forum post from much earlier comes to mind once more upon reading this article. That forum had a discussion about island-hopping as a military strategy, and the poster had dismissed the control of such areas as unnecessary - if memory serves, the response was along the lines of 'there's not much land there.' Historically and more recently, these bits of land have had a larger role than their size might first show. (Snicker. Role.)

The memory stirs because of these articles on financial control - the article in this link mentions the effects of inflation. While it's not directly tied to events nearer by, eagerness to feel similar effects so closely is understandably lacking.

Students of history exist in both hemispheres, and while the memory of mine that stirred was tied to armed conflict, the snippet in here on swapping debt for leases necessitates a mention of colonial history as well. These lessons are being applied even now; and it's still well warranted to keep an eye on exactly how.

Ending with this (again, but with graphics!) because I wonder if rescue animals bound for re-release to the wild could be fed these eggs, get more of nature's hunters interested in invasivorism; and this too because there's more than one indy shop on not-TB (wonder if the first I visited is still there) that had products made from these plants (a woven basket and fan-shaped handbag caught my eye).

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