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Still looking through earlier posts

I posted an article from earlier displaying a graph that supports spending to bolster the economies of a group of states; have a look at the states which "get a slight boost" (looking through past posts brings up this info) and consider which one of them has a notable surplus. (And from the looks of these, folk are still evacuating despite the extra cash in the coffers.)

I also posted articles that made light of that high spending at a time when the inflation rate was low; now articles have come along that try to put people at ease with that spending in combination with a rising inflation rate.

Also, that's rather a sea change in the perception of a lab leak, from 'haha, no, dummy' to a 'let's, uh, maybe find out.'

Given this information, it's a strain to see how a person can make claims to be apolitical, to be a journalist, and to live in reality. If the comparison of numbers to this soundstage reality prompt anything, it's a thought along the lines of pop that bubble you're in, Don. (I wonder which name I'd rather play with - that of the cable opinion network or that of the salesman on it, considering that reporting facts from one's own point of view still sounds as much like bias as the first time I heard it.)

So to those who choose the crass and the common and the cruel and corrupt, the dross from the dastardly and divisive and diseased and defective, so long as the woke trolls of red banner hill keep playing the initials game with the same limited lexicon, I'll be right here.

- Speaking of repetition, politician in a cassock, it's only appropriate to add this rerun of an act driven by a 病变 ideology from a 兄弟, a divisive ideology despite the name. (Amended to add this. Still see windmills?)



西藏 (I found funny the mention of who needs to learn about what)

瑞士 (Added this because again?)

- Ending with this because I wondered for a bit as to its significance, but then I recalled that sea urchins are part of its diet. These stars I can root for, and for the literal and figurative green that takes root around them.

(Adding this article that I'm almost tempted to think of as a gift - to see stars to root for, see sea stars.)

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