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Still minding those surroundings?

Huh. Interesting. (And I don't mean the formatting.) However, I'll set that aside for a moment to focus on the funny.

Here's yet another example of what was brought to light so recently, who wouldn't follow the insisted-upon health guidelines and unsurprisingly got a positive diagnosis, and who now seeks to get to a place called NIMBY. Adding the voting record for something extra.

Adding this here because it ties to the above.

Moving this to re-prioritize the ask, do you mean more of a political weapon than it already is? (And have you checked whether the related interactions that made those tweets more visible are in agreement or in contention, or are you too busy complaining about being caught out?)

Adding all of these articles to point out the transparently weak political defense at The Junction that inspires me to wonder just how many more times this accusation's been used to discredit whistleblowers before the publication was caught out.

Adding this because his assumption's the problem, not her clothes. (For sweatshirt's sake, she's twelve, what's wrong with you?)

Ending with this because the light's brighter due to a method other than the one I'd guessed at. Second guess - lightbulb filament?

HAH! Fixed the formatting!

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