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Still punting?

Background noise got me wondering if those shoes were stilettos. (Dude, I told you about bald + earrings!) These dream sequences of wilderness are meant to be expansive, but knowing they're CGI makes them feel cramped.

Adding this because I hope it isn't a брат rerun of 'Keeping Out The Senator.'

Adding this because I thought the demographics issue was being addressed by the increase in AI-focused recruitment (a la 饭店 - 饭?), but the article addresses crackdowns on the tech industry itself that could prove a hobble. (Also, there was a point on 饭店 - 饭 waitstaff that existing tech addresses.)

Adding this because as entertained as I am by study material (I wonder if 其二角 paid the musician to play that specific song), I would rather have leaders who don't punt into the future the results of what's done for votes today. (Defend them with whatever means you will, 河蟹, but exposure to poison can also confer immunity, and you've already tried that before.)

Adding this because 金融家不需要你们, and you're still stumping for Raid?

Ending with this because salmon.

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