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Still spinning, this wheel.

It's one thing to watch as youthful foolishness progresses from eating soap to licking ice cream to cracking heads on pavement and binge eating salt. It's quite another to see something like abortion, that has been normalized in culture and almost ennobled in awards ceremonies, turned from a difficult decision that weighs one life with another into a callous video upload. Religious considerations aside, fetus that has been born still equals baby, and for all the potential and inspiration that can come out of younger generations, there is also the capacity to make decisions like this, with casual violence for no reason other than views.

It may be a stretch to connect such a mindset to other issues on which younger activists have voiced their opinions, but it's one of the reasons that I don't choose that side, or the side of those who support them, no matter what points of theirs I can bring myself to agree with.

It's also a stretch to connect that sort of thinking to a candidate, but that's a consideration I make as well. Despite the appeal of solutions proposed to current problems, those have been made and tried before, and their consequences are still in the living memory of those who fled the leaders who made them - one ignores history at one's peril. Citing contemporary progress and differences from those past situations doesn't change that voting for such a candidate is a choice made by those who are afraid that the current leadership will continue as it is (and it may, but once again, that's what elections and term limits are for) and those who look to ease their financial burdens (which is tempting, but there are still some that are mine to bear, not someone else's).

On a side note, if a government can be so loudly petulant as to ban a game and censor fanfiction, it's displaying less of the 大 it seeks to portray in favor of the 小. Deleting old posts doesn't change what happened or what's going on now, and it certainly won't help me study, so excuse me while I continue. Or don't, and grant me further proof that I have no reason to respect your claim to leadership.

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