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Stir things up? OK.

- I entirely agree that "Certain people have been stirring the pot," and on more points than this. The official of a regime that doesn't allow any criticism would hardly refer to the regime as the sparrow in this situation. The regime itself has proven quite worthy of the words used by a minister from yet another neighbor in the title of this article - the social media quote within is more explicit.

(Extra-long exploration of some mess in one of the earlier articles: if I'm interpreting this correctly, the movie on which the epithet was based featured a military unit called "War Wolf," which I take to mean that the soldiers in that unit were the wolves in their movie world, not "the warriors needed to fight them." I look at specific points in the plot summary that call 黑屁 on some twisted perspective in this article - specifically, the mentions that the movie's soldiers are inspired by their commanders to defend their country's honor and avenge their colleague's death, and that the protagonist knifes the antagonist after the latter mocks the former's patriotism. Seriously, I'm just rewording a few things - feel free to read the plot and find out.)

Want a 炒勺?

- Missing information on developing country status? Maybe these articles here can help rectify the situation. (The third link in this group provides some context not directly related to the 豺狼 - an example of why a country might or might not use that status.)

- Yeesh, could you not start a fight with a 损友 when I've barely got a grasp on their alphabet?

- I don't mind enjoying the beauty of a flower; however, the treatment of such beauty is further proof that humans are weird and so not ready for aliens. (While I'm on the theme of beauty, came across 美人计 in the dictionary and thought it fit here.)

- A pair of stories showing what defunding does on ground level. The first is a more moving testimonial from one who has to face pressure on his job on all fronts, but I think the second is a more convincing example precisely because it's less emotional - just a business owner and her staff trying to solve a problem with their business, and doing so while exposing the effects of staff shortages along the way. (More unintended consequences, Dorian, or acceptable collateral damage?)

- If I remember correctly, the suffix -itis means an infection or inflammation. (According to this, just inflammation.) Here are some recent numbers on those affected - however, bearing in mind the link to the podcast I posted earlier (is this an instance of not recommended?), these numbers may not reflect the entirety of the audience.

- Ending with this because I've not seen many articles headed with an animated GIF, and oh my that's good stuff.

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