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Those are certainly some impressive production values, but for people who hold such things so dearly, that candidate's last speech went from stumble to cringe quite quickly. Maybe it's a case of focusing on what I expected to see, even in this sort of scripted performance crafted to address obvious talking points (nursing home numbers among them somewhere, I'm sure) - though the word "emote" has been used to describe the delivery, and I'd have to agree on that point at least. Applause.

Now that the convention's over, it'll be interesting to see what effect prominent voices like this have on the values the party holds going forward (how many think the way he speaks?), and how issues like this would affect any tallies (are there similar ones in other states?).

Drum roll for next week.

Addendum -

So just because the hairstyle is nothing but window dressing doesn't mean the person wearing it has equally artificial values. I'll keep that in mind for the next performance.

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