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Study 2/10

For a minute there, I wondered if I'd misheard some lyrics I'd noted earlier - turns out they were earlier in the song than I thought they were, so that's settled. I do have to correct a note from earlier, though: 谁在说x? 谁不说x? And the only part of that other set of lyrics that's anything like 你说我 is the 我 bit. Why do I have the odd feeling that this 男演员's typecast, for all that he's got more hair than the last time I saw him?

Adding this because I thought the direction of 豺狼政权 craft depended only on air currents, but it looks like there's more 'manoeuverability' than I thought there was. (Adding this even as I consider vocab 美国, 德国, 澳大利亚 in the first article I linked to. Reminder occurs to me about network ratings versus multiple means of accessing broadcasts.)

Adding this to ask 豺狼政权, how is it an abuse of power when vocab 澳大利亚's removing surveillance equipment for their use within their own borders? Their cameras, their call; and considering what's been found in how fast track to 50 can influence what information is spread and whose information they collect, as well as - how many? 九十九? - I don't blame them for erring on the side of caution. (The song was for laughs, but I'm serious about the question.)

Condolences to the man himself, but adding this as a reminder to those who voted for him. (Or perhaps this instead.) Oh dear, do keywords not appreciate the reminder that marketing put another man into an office too heavy for him?

Dude! Next to last this because sign language! 我不明白 - uhh... 手说? (One detail changes the meaning.)

Ending with this because it's a first seeing them made without a mold.

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