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Study 2/12

It's fascinating to see how the same characters change from one language to another. For one thing, the difference between 入 and 人 (and 八 for that matter) is finally sticking in my writing (enter left); for another, I have got to get more sticky notes.

Rude the old man politician's opponents may have been, but were they right to shout out what they did at the speech most recently? Even articles from those who in my estimate support his ideals are willing to use terms like 'exaggeration,' and to point out that he was a lackluster speaker apart from a notable moment of contention - do I have to restate that the speech was on record in its entirety?

I see keywords in the feed about a woman who's been cut off from the world she created because she spoke out on behalf of another, and a man who set up communications for those who fight for their homes; and I see both of them subjected to a prolonged bollocking by those who want a permanent solution to what may be a temporary problem (the surgeries, for sweatshirt's sake) and those who are deeply inconvenienced by the exposure of the information he had access to (don't feed me that steaming mess about what's happened to the platform being the whim of any deity). I don't know much about the specifics that may have followed, but I think I can understand how angry either one may have become with the response they met.

I see a people who know that an overgrown man-child was more concerned about drugs and sex than he was about his own family, a sundowning father so used to using his political position for nepotism (found one of my bookmarks - you want watchers, Shady Pines, you got it), and a careless actor who wants to use a technicality to get away with killing a person. If these people receive a lighter sentence because those around them chose to follow a zeitgeist that demands heavier penalties on their ideological opponents, then I'm keeping on my background noise the warnings about the culture they represent.

Adding this for those who watch the watchers (他们 看看 看人?), and this as a reminder that certain videos can show in the progress bar where most of those viewers start or skip to (say to avoid an ad) - if that can be used to measure viewer engagement, it's already a step in the direction of a "pay if they engage" feature, and the other capabilities mentioned in this article aren't much of a leap. (Whatever else I may think of 豺狼政权, there's much they're capable of.) Also this because - well, there's much they're capable of; and this for the count to 一百九十九-ish. (Keywords sound like somebody's pulled a Stimpy; adding an article which I spotted earlier than oh dear another one, both of which additions I'll fix in a bit.)

Adding this for a numerical measure on ideology.

Adding this bit of here's your sign for the meme sweatshops.

Ending with this because yum.

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