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Study 2/13

They're subtitles this time, but I find most handy having info that reinforces how the written language connects two manners of speaking. Catching 坐去吗 at speed was enough for me to take a shot at the speakers' getting seats on some form of transport - and voilà the travel montage. DUDE! Space Cowboy tunes again on what looks like 七十二房客?

My, the keywords seem to be rather insistent on amnesia today. In acknowledgment of that, and in response, I continue:

Adding this because once might be an accident, twice a coincidence (and I don't like coincidences) - it's a pattern now, Stimpy, and at this point, the pattern's firmly set. (Adding this because data collection itself is neutral. I'm well convinced that 豺狼政权 is not. Still there, 微软.) I wonder, do keywords point to a reaction on how 豺狼政权 is handling matters or at how Shady Pines is handling matters?

Adding this for vocab 斯里兰卡, 巴基斯坦, 赞比亚.

Adding this to wonder if it might end up like farmland.

Adding this reminder about field trips.

Ending with this because, though I'd rather have them salted, the method used here makes better use of space.

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