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Study 2/15

Question - is there a way to express something like なにいい in 汉字? The only way I can think of to do that is along the lines of 他 说 什么eeeeeeee? which is ever-so-mildly daft. 他 的 一个 手 是 红 为什么? 他 的 妻子 的 脸 是 红 为什么? 她 是 他 的 妻子 吗? 他们 是 不是 儿子 的 父母?

Do I understand correctly that, if the argument against lacrosse is that it's (predominantly?) "'a sport of extreme privilege' and 'racial fragility' that 'holds a mirror to the history of Indigenous cultural erasure and appropriation'" et cetera, then those who play this sport are complicit, including the advisor to why'd-you-lot-vote-for-this-dude? Because for a moment, I thought this was a serious article regarding that politician's suitability for the office to which he was elected and not just a commentary on the shallowness of the criteria used by his ilk.

Adding this in the expectation 他 的 妻子 不 是 西班牙人 is more likely to get flack from offending a talking head than from the suit made by - OK, the plaintiffs are those who are still alive, got it - because that side of the divide has made their priorities blatantly clear.

Adding an exercise on sentence construction - 你 说 他 有 撒谎, 对 吗? 请问: 印度 也 有 撒谎 吗? 谁 也 有 撒谎? (Tying in 你 有一个 盟友. Is there such a term as 酒肉盟友?)

Adding this because ooh, now I have to find articles detailing methods of messing with this toy.

Acknowledging, but not linking to - is someone seriously trying to shift the -ism from one star doodle to another like that'll make the practice in question any less of a snake oil pseudoscience?

Belated acknowledgment of examples showing how 河蟹 methods have spread.

Ending with this because I'm reviewing bookmarks on an empty stomach.

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