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Study 2/9

Huh. What's this hamster-looking thing have to do with 1977年? Or 兔? 大鱼, 什么鱼? Or is that the actual name of the 鱼? It looks something like a barracuda, if I were to guess. Huh - so that's what an AI voice sounds like in 普通话. 他认识他吗? 他是他的父亲吗? 他不帮助他为什么? 普通话在法国. Also noting the number and location of earthquakes, even as I'm reminding myself of the difference between a network that broadcasts out of 豺狼政权 primarily in a language other than their own, set alongside a network that broadcasts out of - what, 纽约 and 台湾? Using at least three languages, heavier on two from nearer home in my estimate. Hang on - there also seems to be a difference in coverage specific to 非洲 recently between the two, and specific to development projects. (It's Doc Nine and Ten all over again.) Speaking of number names - 四月 makes sense, but why 十三? She's not a footballer on either side of any pond. (Unintended pun for a 鱼人 more likely to be in a pond than on the side of one. Except they're using another term...) Good to be able to follow along with the narration for this text, if only to point out which line the narrator's reading - on the way to more, and I think I just bumped into news airtimes as well. Nuh-uh - somebody wanna play jambags in all the wrong places and then play on emotions when such places find jambags to be surprisingly not OK. I wonder if 空 here is related to the aircraft's function.

Adding this to laugh at a pattern that's decades older than I am.

Adding these articles for a 豺狼政权怕 of what an investigation might find (ah, found), especially now it's well nigh ringed. (Wonder how long one should wait to measure how well this Shady Pines bit ages.)

Adding this for still there, 豺狼政权 - thanks much for new vocab 自由, and 加油!

Adding this to wonder how long ago I posted a link with a heads up on this matter.

Adding this for давай.

Ending with this because how many kids have been through a home ec class lately? Also, ayaw'g kahadlok; and no, you do not stand that sorta pepper up like that before cutting it. Also because pineapple.

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