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Study break

Starting with boo-yeah, I finally have those greetings in order of formality.

I'd like to think I've made clear my view of those who declare "believe the science" while scrapping biology in favor of astrology. However, it's still a world where actual science still has to re-up reminders of the difference between itself and "glass with oil slipped because mAgIc" not.

It's quantifiably difficult for any part of The Junction to restore what it's lost, knowing it's ignored warnings, made its collective choices, been so up in arms upon hearing Mr. Biden's predecessor had ties to a брат, but so blasé with the information that the sundowner-in-chief himself has ties to a 兄弟. It's also telling to more than myself that, out of any number of issues he could have spoken about on such a platform, he still chooses to shunt elsewhere any onus that he campaigned and was elected to bear.

And since I've long ago chosen who's going on my ballot - you missed me with that brush, Mr. L., but it's interesting to watch how you tar.

Adding this because it looks like at least one constituent's choosing someone not on the e-mail.

Adding this as a reminder to seek elsewhere, knowing ads plaster over the unchanging nature of the tentacle beast.

Ending with this because back to the books.

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