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Study-ish break

Starting to develop a sense of the difference between TV series - uh, study material. The one I'm on now's definitely more 乙女 soap opera, while another feels more like a heavily political mystery soap opera. I'm reminded that even the comments section has its uses - 我不知道了她的妹妹的名字; and if that's the pattern I can expect from their interactions, Aesop tracks. Also, it's surprisingly easy to play this 王上 for a 走卒.

(Speaking of 走卒, wonder why you're not the one asked to influence? Thanks for the reminder.)

And what's the difference between 母后 and 母亲 - ah. So why isn't it 母后 here as well? The character fits the 汉字. And if 丹 (...? No, 朱砂) is poisonous PO, then why would it be any less so applied to a wound? And oh-oh-oh, if it isn't the answer to an earlier question! It's 她在哪里.

Oy, the consequences of binge watching. I wonder if this 乙女 was broadcast once a week, pace the 三角 to a slow-ish burn. (And if my 'less than a week-ish' estimate is off.)

零下三十八 temperature? (Tangent - in case 走卒's too busy to check the new hubs, mercury's up.)

Just ran into the 看看 that initially sparked the question of insistence versus suggestion with doubling up. It's starting to look like either, and entirely dependent on context. (Meaning yes, I can wing this.)

Adding this to acknowledge those holding their ground; if they've caught something I've missed, I'm much obliged to them.

The bit's too deeply embedded to shake, but up it goes, this full of whoa. (I like homonyms.)

Ending with this for my own reasons.

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