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Study-ish notes 1/12

Agh, crap-a-damn, I missed river orchid dude's 汉字! Replay airdate, replay airdate! OK, rough idea of the opening theme to do-they-even-have-roadside-assist-乙女 and the timing to match names to faces - I just hope I can catch the 汉字 at speed. Boo-yeah to catching spoken 美国 and 日本 at speed, and 美日 in the chyron confirms pairing a pattern of the first 汉字 in the names of allied countries. 金門 weather? Going with the pattern from earlier, would it be 加日 or 日加? Or does that pattern work like 姐妹? I'm not sure I understand the point of 普通话在法国 - is this expat experience, a procedural? Why are they not angel-shotting this chick? Human trafficking? International? The sort of はげ that deserves what he just got from that's why they didn't angel shot her? Engine block engine block engine block! Huh - diary in the background noise?

Oh my stars and garters, humans are ridiculous. Of all the daft body standards you lot have come up with, now it's back to too fit or not fit enough. Thanks to this article for reminding me of hamsters and perspective. (Now to see how long it takes before some age-of-woker - I've read weirder fanfiction - comes after the wee stick being for actual comedy.)

Adding this because one has to be a naïf to believe the Sundowner-in-Chief wasn't involved in his Puff-Don't-Pass kid's shady business deals, mmkay? (Especially not if the uncle was as well.) Nepotism, infidelity, substance abuse, and two batches of documents so far (oh stars and garters make that three) - what other measure can I use for this form of bankruptcy?

Adding these for "the extent (not extend)" and the "spirit of transparency;" and in order to watch the conversation without the commentary, separating the full video from the article in which it's embedded. NB: when I clicked on the vid in place, it took me to 13:55.

Adding this because as much as I root for fast track to 50 (woot!), Meph has its own drawbacks.

Ending with this because cats.

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