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Study material versus IRL

Traditional news with simplified 吏间, and it would be a boon right now to have captions.

There's a reason I keep tying outside information to study material. Ran into a segment that spoke of a 国's gathering together of abilities from its neighbor states, and considering I'm still finding information such as these articles here, I'm well convinced that this bit of 乙女 is airbrushing. (Aside from the fact, that is, that 其一角的儿子有八年 and 她 still looks the flipping same as when 她 met 其二角 and 其三角. May 其二角 understand my current sentiment.)

河蟹说的不好. 你们的电视秀教育你们吗?

I wonder if these Junction Dwellers realize that this particular application of reading material is just another reason to send one's vote elsewhere. Of course there were those who benefited from using bribery and applying reading material; I'll acknowledge the need that those constituents faced for them to show just what the price of their vote is. (Remember, Sundowner.)

Ending with this because it's soothing. And I want tea.

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