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Study notes 1/10

Bit of a hitch in my 可以不可以 versus 能不能 - I'm more sure than I was about the distinction between the two, but I want to make doubly so. And at what point exactly have I caught 普通话在法国? And dude, if traditional-not-simplified just said something along the lines of 我是医生不是-something in the subtitles, I'm gonna bust a lung. Eee! I can pick out airdates and times more solidly now!

Noting this because I was wondering which way 吏僭 was headed - a reminder of 九-dash, and still there, 微软.

Adding these for vocab 南韩, 日本, and 澳洲. Speaking of 澳洲 and 日本 - for my part, some of my relatives had first-hand experience of exactly what happened decades ago, and yet the related 語 is one for which I have considerably warmer sentiments, for all that I enjoy learning 你们的语 as well. If one is to speak of precedent, I've only just now had cause to use mooncakes (centuries - also, yum), 九-dash (decades), and still there, 微软 (weeks? days?).

I've chosen the 豺狼 to keep my eye on, and if I understand correctly, so have they. (Ooh, vocab 意大利 as well. Including vocab 德国 and 立陶宛.)

Noting this and half-wondering if there ought to be separate categories for any corporate entities that do likewise like it's hot or - hang on, bit early for bubbly. (Also a reminder that the video platform's ad spend also covers the in-app ones, the sort of ads that shave wait time off item upgrades.)

Nah, y'all meme sweatshops were cracked enough to spin new terms when literally caught using information that pointed to infidelity, and new ways to spin existing terms for substance abuse, in people other than those y'all tried to pin it on - I've been eating more popcorn lately, watching one sort of bankrupt follow another.

Aw, Charmin-level lot saying they're bored of the consequences of years of drip-feeding dross? More playing at monkeys.

Ending with this to go with a warm blanket and a hot cuppa.

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