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Study notes 1/9

今他们不在法国; 他们在哪 (there, fixed) 里? And though I'm reasonably certain that was cooking wine, I don't know for sure if drinking wine is bottled likewise. Oh dearest stars and garters, the trailer for this thing is literally an 乙女 game. (Skip to 1:35.) Betting "matrilocal" means 他 moves in with 她. Ding! And that's two series now, messing with 女人 using 她的热碗 - wonder if they have their own trope trackers or if this is a commonplace precedent in their historical record.


可以不可以 = can (allowed to)

能不能 = can (able to)

对不对? (Yes! And that's without captions, boo yeah!)

人人可以说; 我能说.

The record shows "third straight year," as in 'events precedent still continuing,' so I have to wonder what would drive the governor to speak in this way. If conditions in that state are as appealing (cap on what now?) as he says, more so than conditions in other states, what difference would any of these numbers show? In other words - based on sources national and local to him, the question arises of how did Finger-The-Mirror survive the amount of substance he would have to have smoked (still looking for the shoe-seum) to try that sort of line again?

Have the people who proclaim all their positive vibes on camera fix these messy bits, if they're devoted enough to pull themselves away from the filters and press junkets. (And thank you for not running.)

Adding this to check the count to 一百九十九-ish, and to wonder what number I should set for this count. (As for the existing count...)

Adding this in part for the eye 看 豺狼 政权; in part for "reading about someone’s writings rather than actually reading them impedes comprehension. Doing so in translation compounds the problem." (Subs not dubs forever. Except in cases where I'm studying the writing system as well - come on, 中餐 乙女!)

Speaking of 中餐, adding this because modern mooncakes are both delicious and a reminder of precedent. (Found this when looking for the century - wondering if 其二角 的 名字 是 a play on the rebel's wingman.)

Adding this (there, fixed) for an eye 看 豺狼吏僭.

Adding this for vocab 台湾; and this for repeated 汉字 in text that, if I'm right, has two forms of the same radical: 燃.

Replacing "pandering to an audience" that's playing at monkeys with Lex - I've replaced at least two はげ on here so far, and I'm wondering if the pattern will continue. (Unintended pun. Keeping it.)

Ending with this for something to admire whether I want it for myself or not.

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