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Study notes 12/11

In this study material, I've caught 女人 (still there 微软), 妻子, 孩子, 老人, 马拉维人. Context seems more like a donation request than a documentary. And there was a segment with the speakers saying something like 四个人, 五个人, but the captions used another in place of 个. Does that tie to the living area, the open fireplace, what? Comparison of political figures' lives to those of their constituents - 三百 works in there somewhere with currency.

Dang, am I glad I caught this - 少林功夫, armed and unarmed (these kids are good); songs in 普通话 (and English as well, which surprised me but maybe shouldn't have); meals with 筷 (there's that pronunciation thing again in the 汉字, 快 for the sound with 竹 for the object).

Of course it brings up what's in the news, catching the other side of 大爷吗 (more authority)? 叔叔吗 (more youthfulness)? and catching snippets on how Sundowner's dealing with the matter. Huh - tilting back towards documentary. It's 叔叔: a bit like 兄貴 (or 오파?), if I understand this correctly - younger, more approachable, less threatening, yet still an authority, especially over kids. (Smiling damned villain.)

Adding this to up the count to seven - I think I counted one state AG's suit in this group.

Adding this for vocab 英国.

Aw, did somebody sting the Wet-and-Squishies? If I understand the use of ad hominem correctly, one must first ensure the ammunition is true, because this sounds like the unenviable sand meme sweatshoppers build on. (I wonder how many times those radioactives have to faceplant before they figure out their dating apps can't read what they can't find? The reason they think that toilet paper publication is based on something they call relatable is because they want to think someone else is as willing to break their bonds as they themselves actually have been, and that's some ugly projection.)

Let's see if there are any more reasons for screenshots coming up, vErItAs, because I got a few more SEO terms I can lob back at their source.

Adding this (alleged?) bit of something they don't have to do, but (allegedly?) do anyway. (Update.)

Adding this because it's funny how the zeitgeist's only option is to deflect and diminish when facing the proof of what they've done. (And this because I like these compilations - y'all say hi at the water cooler, Cal?)

Adding this to reflect surprise at its origin (somebody else claimed the other term first, so you had to make do?), and slight relief that this dictionary's reflection of cUlTuRe isn't entirely tied to The Plastics.

Huh. Five or six might not be a stretch, even in a month-ish.

Ending with this to wonder - I'd rather have the texture and flavor of walnuts or pecans, but maybe I could use boiled peanuts instead.

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