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Study Notes 12/13

Hang on, I wonder if one of the consorts here is 她 的 妹妹 在 Aesop.

Upping the count to 9 and 10 (ack, no, just 9) - how quickly can it get to 50? (Heh. Took you lot long enough.)

Adding this because of something I'd read earlier - glasses and contacts can be removed, and hair color washes out. Removing and replacing internal organs "to make the inside match the outside" is considerably more difficult; though in this case, the term 'radioactive' fits both, so this person can snip away if so inclined.

Adding this because A) it's happened before, and he can handle it; and B) who has it worse: no-longer-richest, the "custodians of the internet" holding to "people are asking us if we shadow ban... we do not" until proof of the contrary forces a "pivot," or those who had to pivot from "that's a conspiracy theory" to "everyone knew that - and anyway, why do you care?"

Adding this because not better, JDs.

Adding these articles because if two individuals from opposing ideologies make similar observations, how much do I not like coincidences?

Ending with this because I ran into another of their fellows in the feed and wondered, how much more do I need to rely on captions depending on geography?

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